The list of choral repertoire that follows primarily comprises the Offertory and Communion motets. I've indicated the Mass setting for each season (we typically use different music for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Ordinary Time). Regarding other choral moments in the liturgy:

  • We do my four-voice settings of the Gregorian chant Introits (see Introit Project in the catalog).
  • During the Easter season, we substitute a sprinkling rite (with a sung Vidi Aquam) in place of the Kyrie.
  • Also, I've written a nearly-complete Sunday Psalter for the three-year cycle, whence comes all our Responsorial Psalms. Please email me if you'd like more info.

I hope that these listings may be useful to you in your own search for choir music that is fitting for Our Lord.

  ORDINARY TIME: A Community Mass, Proulx
23Ord YEAR A
Beati immaculati, Victoria • Ave verum corpus, Saint-Saëns
24Ord Da pacem (I-II), Gombert
25Ord Ave maris stella, Obrecht • O salutaris hostia, LaRue
26Ord Super flumina Babilonis, Palestrina • O sacrum convivium, Palestrina
27Ord Domine fac mecum, Morley • Ave verum corpus, Byrd
28Ord Beati immaculati (I-II), Mundy
29Ord Cantate Domino, Schütz • Caro mea, Guerrero
30Ord Domine vivifica me, Lassus • Factus est Dominus, Lassus
31Ord Holy Lord God Almighty, Parsons • O God be merciful, Tye
32Ord Quinque prudentes virgines, Isaac • Amen dico vobis, Isaac
33Ord De profundis, Palestrina • Caro mea, Palestrina
ChristKing In nomine Jesu, Handl • O sacrum convivium, Handl
  ADVENT: New Plainsong, D. Hurd
Vigilate (I-II*), Byrd
2Adv Adam lay ybounden, Ledger • There is no rose, Joubert
3Adv Verbum caro, Hassler • Memor esto, Palestrina
4Adv Ave Maria, chant • Ecce virgo concipiet, Chant
  CHRISTMASTIDE: Deutsche Messe, Schubert
Christmas Midnight Mass: listings & texts
Epiphany Magi veniunt ab Oriente, Clemens • Ab Oriente venerunt Magi, Handl
Lord's Baptism To Jordan came our Lord the Christ (I-II), Bach
  ORDINARY TIME: A Community Mass, Proulx
2Ord Behold the Lamb of God, Handel • Jubilate Deo omnis terra, Bouzignac
3Ord Dextera Domini, Palestrina • Unus panis et unum corpus (I), Crequillon
Presentation Diffusa est gratia, Nanino • Nunc dimittis, Gibbons
5Ord Gressus meos dirige, Lassus • Hoc corpus, Isaac
6Ord Benedictus es, Palestrina • Manducaverunt, Isaac
7Ord Intende voci, Lassus • Narrabo omnia, Isaac
8Ord Domine convertere, Palestrina • Ad Dominum dum tribularere, A. Scarlatti
  LENT: New Plainsong, D. Hurd
AshWed Miserere mei, Lotti • Emendemus, Morales • Exaltabo te, Lassus • Ave verum, Liszt
1Lent Levabo oculos, Lassus • Scapulis suis, Isaac
2Lent O gladsome light, Sweelinck • And as they came down, Hovhaness
3Lent Justitiae Domini, A. Scarlatti • Domine fac mecum, Lassus
4Lent God so loved the world, Stainer • Ave verum corpus, L'heritier
5Lent Adoramus te, Brahms • O salutaris hostia, Tallis
Holy Week complete listings
  PASCHALTIDE: Deutsche Messe, Schubert / Vidi aquam, Victoria
2East Quia vidisti me Thoma, Lassus • Confitemini Domino, Constantini
3East Lauda anima mea Dominum, Palestrina • Cantate Domino, Hassler
4East The 23rd Psalm (I-II), Mueller
5East Jubilate Deo universa terra, Palestrina • Ego sum vitis vera, Handl
6East Benedicite gentes, Chant • Ego vos elegi, Chant
7East Benedic anima mea Domino, Lassus • Panem de caelo, Isaac
Pentecost Spiritus Domini, Byrd • Dum complerentur, Victoria
Trinity O beata et benedicta et gloriosa Trinitas (I-II), Palestrina
Corpus Christi O sacrum convivium (I-II), Morales
Sts. Peter & Paul Constitues eos, Palestrina • Tu es Petrus, Palestrina


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