Everyone likes free stuff - especially when it's beautiful music that's ready for church! I've spent untold hours engraving pieces, or adapting existing scores, to fit the varying needs of my parish choir.

Anyone who creates new editions of old music relies on the work of a lot of people. So before we get to my own listings, there are several people whose contributions I would like to gratefully acknowledge.

  • First of all, many thanks to the Choral Public Domain Library for making so much great music available for free. CPDL was the source for many of my editions, scores which I re-set for the needs of my ensemble. In particular I'd like to thank Rafael Ornes, who started the enterprise and ran it for its first decade, and David Fraser, for his amazing contribution of the scores of William Byrd.
  • Also noteworthy is Nancho Alvarez, who spearheads a group of enthusiasts posting the works of the great Spanish polyphonists Morales, Guerrero, and Victoria.
  • And I'd be completely remiss if I didn't I'd mention Ralph Buxton of Notre Dame Choir Editions, who showed me the ropes of repertory selection, and who employs the most beautiful, award-winning engraving sensibility around.
  • Also the music library of Columbia University, where I've spent many an hour perusing scores in pursuit of new old music.

I've been working as the director of music for a volunteer parish choir since 1999, and in that time I've engraved countless scores, most of them sacred Renaissance polyphony. Why so much engraving? Because we needed the music in a different key, or for a different combination of voices, or because the mensuration in the source was too confusing.

The resultant scores are not intended to be authoritative or scholarly editions - I didn't indicate which accidentals were the composer's and which are ficta, nor original keys, clefs, notation, or texting. The scores are simply meant to be sung, without causing the singers unnecessary visual or computational headaches. They worked for us, and I hope they may work for you, too.

Sing! Pray! Enjoy!